2020 hasn’t been good on businesses – especially if you’re in the hospitality and tourism sector. However, things are not over for these businesses. Many other organizations that are currently getting smart under the threat of this impending yet relentless pandemic.

In the current scenario, businesses must find a way to increase their reach instead of focusing on products, services and sales. Here are ten reasons to use WhatsApp when moving forward in your business in 2020.

The entire repertoire of salable entities can always be returned later.
So, to increase user engagement at multiple levels and across different industry sectors, it is time for entrepreneurs to switch to WhatsApp Business for the better part of 2020 and beyond.

Whether it is setting up simple WhatsApp status or broadcasting product information to hundreds of users at a time, WhatsApp business is full of obscure possibilities.

Moreover, WhatsApp is already a massively popular messaging platform with a user base of 1.5 billion and growing. So, if you can put your business into this messaging app, the possibilities are endless.

#1 What is WhatsApp Business?
Before we start talking about the nooks and crannies of WhatsApp Business, we need to revisit the fact that Facebook bought WhatsApp a while back, making it free and free of those annoying ads. Became devoid However, how do you think Facebook considered the $19bn deal without a monetization plan?

The reality is, Facebook has always had a vision for WhatsApp, which evolved into the modern era, becoming known simply as WhatsApp Business.

The WhatsApp Business application empowers small businesses to separate their professional and personal lives. With this efficient tool, it is now possible to respond to local customers at the fastest speed possible.

Beyond that, there’s a business app, and then there’s also a business API that caters to larger businesses with ease, while also allowing them higher volumes, enhanced process automation, and an excellent level of integration—all in one form of payment. For a very affordable pricing structure- per message.

In addition, WhatsApp Business is accessible on a variety of computing platforms including iOS, Android-powered smartphones and even desktops. In addition, WhatsApp is available as a standalone web application for signups via business landlines, and comes with analytics and broadcasting tools to increase market reach.

#2 Is WhatsApp still the leading messaging app?
The popularity of WhatsApp cannot be measured by just numbers. As mentioned, there are over 1.5 billion users active on WhatsApp, which automatically makes it the leading messaging application from a reasonable distance. Not only that, the application is potentially growing in around 104 countries as of now.

Finally, with nearly 65 billion messages sent daily by nearly 1 billion active users, there are not enough reasons not to use this application to expand your business and that too at an unimaginable speed.

Join WhatsApp Business Instantly? Why consider going down this line?

If you are a functional business, you should already have a working customer base. However, even for startups, WhatsApp Business is very powerful, provided they have access to the target database. Coming back to established businesses, this business application is nothing less than an elixir.

While it is always challenging to list just ten reasons to justify the use of WhatsApp for business, we will try to make it worthy of your time:

#1 Yes! it’s free
Anything that comes free is bound to attract some people. However, unlike most free applications that promote in-app purchases and encourage advertising audiences, WhatsApp Business has a simple interface to foster healthy entrepreneurial relationships.

Not only the app, but the Business API is also somewhat free, and businesses only have to pay when they send messages.

#2 Unrestricted local access
WhatsApp is an excellent find for local businesses, but the issue of local access doesn’t restrict it. Be it a service or a product with country-specific visibility, WhatsApp Business is the best platform for even the most experienced entrepreneurs.

Most importantly, it is an accessible interface, offering reliable and efficient all-encompassing access and messaging capabilities. On WhatsApp Business, getting real-time updates is definitely a possibility.

#3 Huge, untapped potential
Businesses are restricted only by their resources. However, on WhatsApp Business, it is possible to make the best use of marketing capabilities without spending a single penny. WhatsApp has a wide user base that is spread across various age-groups and nationalities.


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