The outbreak of Corona has been among us for almost two months and it has already made a huge mark in commerce around the world.

Under the influence of self-isolation, lockdown and social distancing, a significant change has been observed in consumer behavior and relationships with service providers.

There has been a huge boom in consumer-side online shopping, which leaves business owners with a precarious position: How to float if cash is tight? After all, online marketing is the reel in most customers.

Here are some strategies that can prove useful for business owners who can not only hedge but also drive visibility and sales with smart Amazon PPC management.

Refocus on Your Spending
During a recession, business owners are the first to cut back on additional expenses and limit their budgets.

That means moving away from marketing and advertising. In tough times when they may seem like a luxury, for many e-commerce business owners, survival becomes almost a necessity. Instead of stopping your Amazon PPC campaign altogether, [], try a progressive focus approach.

Begin by reevaluating your current campaigns. Which are relevant to the required needs, are budget friendly, and with the most favorable performance.

Cut down on your waste and bid better on keywords. You can try the automatic bidding feature which will keep Relevance updated.

Narrow down the ad run schedule by testing your target audience when they are most responsive. If you focus your campaigns on specific times when customers most actively engage with your ads, you can not only save maximum cost but also drive in better sales.

use opportunities
You know what they say. With brown clouds, there is a silver lining. While the cut in advertising campaigns has caused the average rate to drop to 50% of the cost per click in the market, it only means that there are now more opportunities for those who have decided to stay onboard and campaign smartly.

You can enjoy significantly lower costs and less competition for now. Since most of the users are now browsing from home, this is a golden opportunity for me.

If you are a small business owner, with low CPC and competition you can reach more impressions and build brand awareness. Use Amazon product photography services and Amazon listing optimization services from Amazon experts like AMZ OneStep.

People are getting bored sitting at home and looking for something to eat. Assure them that you are exactly what they need now and that you can trust them to provide better services than before. Engage them with promotional sales, discounts, free delivery services, or gift card purchases for good faith. In turn, if you play it right, you end up with good visibility and sales.

Use negative keywords to filter traffic
With  being the hottest topic everywhere, search engines are flooded with questions related to the corona virus. Add a negative keyword list containing all  related search terms like pandemic,  corona, virus, SARS, virus cure, etc. By using keywords in this way, your brand will no longer appear or be associated with stories related to it.

Blocking such terms will help you prevent your ad from showing up to irrelevant consumers and help save on cost per click of your Amazon PPC campaign.

final thoughts
Things are already looking up in some countries that were originally affected by the virus outbreak. For the rest of us, it can still drag on for months until things finally get under control. Hanging up on your Amazon PPC management entirely may not be the best cost-effective idea.

With Amazon PPC campaigns popping up with budget-friendly refocused spending, smart operations, and new opportunities for profit, even small businesses may be able to get through tough times.

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