We all run our own race in life. But where we begin, as well as where we reach, depends to some extent on the generations before us.

Coaching families through those options are family offices like Pathstone. For the families and foundations it serves, Pathstone makes one promise: maintaining the family legacy from generation to generation.

Pathstone thinks of each family’s legacy like a relay race: the first runner runs a portion of the race in a way that satisfies him. That first generation then passes the baton, while in the lead, to the second runner. The second runner runs the race he wants—still respecting where he started—before passing the baton again. Each generation moves forward choosing its own path.

Pathstone’s role in the race? Marking the curriculum, training the team and providing end-to-end support.

Many casts, one constant
Just as there are different types of castes, there are also different types of heritage. No one is more meaningful or valuable than others, but Pathstone knows they need different types of support.

Some family leaders turn to entrepreneurship. When it comes time to exit the company, Pathstone ensures a smooth handoff. In addition to rewarding entrepreneurs financially, Pathstone’s Steve Braverman, co-CEO, tells Forbes that exits should be done in a way that ensures the rest of the team can build on their vision and legacy.

For others, altruism is the last line. Pathstone helps families not only select charities to support, but also to maximize their tax deductions, structure their contributions, and manage associated funds. Its emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) investments differentiates Pathstone among family offices.

Multi-generational financial management is, for still others, what matters most. Pathstone takes an “all of the above” approach. Financial planning, estate planning and tax planning ensure that the next generation is prepared to succeed, while insurance and risk management protect against downside risks to the family’s future.

Many, of course, want a mix. That’s where Pathstone’s customizable, unbundled financial support comes in.

For example, someone who wants to live well while giving back may be interested in advisory services, ESG investments, and financial reporting. An aging entrepreneur focused on conserving assets may need help with asset management and estate planning.

Those preferences can change over generations. What remains constant is Pathstone’s promise: to ensure that his family keeps the legacy alive in any form.

To shed light on each family’s legacy, Pathstone has developed a series of initiatives, or paths. Like the heirlooms themselves, they can be mixed and matched according to the needs of the family.

Pathstone is a favorite among clients, FuturePath, working to empower the next generation to be proactive, responsible managers of family heritage. FuturePath uses interactive events, peer engagement, and educational resources to ensure that the younger generation understands their role in preserving and building family wealth.

For female family leaders, Pathstone has developed HerPath. To help women take control of their financial situation, HerPath creates a space where they can connect through shared challenges and opportunities. HerPath’s non-judgmental environment is important: women can freely ask questions about money management, form an advisor-consultant relationship, and talk about their plans.

Supporting philanthropic legacies is Pathstone Impact, which helps families align their investments with their mission and values. Using the ESG benchmark, Pathstone Impact aims to provide the best of both worlds: Strong returns that make a difference.

In delivering on its promise, however, Pathstone knows that its customers may not be alone on the path. For the company and its employees, it has decided two more avenues.

every step of the way
Pathstone’s own legacy is like that of its customers: As generations change, Pathstone knows that its services may need to change, but its core promise must be kept. This is what its last two passages show.

CareerPath develops Pathstone leaders with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. In keeping with the company’s core values ​​- Caring, Openness, Passion, Excellence, Humility, Teamwork, Activism, Innovation and Experience, CareerPath helps Pathstone stay true to its mission.

CareerPath’s strong benefits program fosters commitment to the team, which is critical to delivering on its multi-generational promise. By encouraging employees to make Pathstone their lifelong career, it builds trust and familiarity with the families it serves.

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