Impact of  is not stopping but it has stopped all activities in the world. Many efforts are made by all the governments to control these situations and make things easier for the people.

Most of the businesses are at a complete standstill and they have no way of earning revenue at this point of time. Students are stuck inside their homes, many of them not even given exams. Here are the effects of on sustainability and technology.

Everything seems to be mismanaged and there are still things that are scaring everyone across the world.

Talking about sustainable resources, we come to know that they are not being used properly and this will have negative impact. All the power generating stations will shut down soon because they will not be able to transmit the excess energy.

Impact of  on Industry
Many people are wondering how is affecting all industries. If we look at the enterprises dealing with these resources, we will know the pitfalls they are facing. Except LPG, no petroleum company is getting any revenue.

Transport and industry are at a standstill and, therefore, electricity and fuel are not being used – all these developments affect the stability of that industry.

One thing that is still giving relief to organizations and people around the world is “technology”. Without technology, everything would have been ten times harder for all of us right now.

Many enterprises are being able to continue working from home. The people who can provide services digitally are working, schools and colleges.

There are only a few types of enterprises which are completely halted otherwise most of them are functioning. Almost all the enterprises can use this time for marketing as most of the people are using the internet. Digital marketing is on its own defense. Technology has done a lot for people in these difficult times. It is providing ways to learn new things, entertainment as well as all important news.

Technology can be beneficial for the environment only if it runs in a sustainable manner. There are people who are confined to their homes and not able to go. In this scenario, only technology is helping them to work and connect with each other.

People all over the world are learning new and very different lifestyles. Such as the distance working style and its challenges, remote and online schooling of children, and a completely different lifestyle in general due to the worldwide crisis.

Technology is helping a lot in dealing with stress and dealing with this new lifestyle.

But when it comes to the challenges of sustainability and climate change, it is well known that the virus has not spared political, geographical or religious boundaries.

But just as there is a ray of hope in every cloud, this virus has also brought about some positive changes from the perspective of technology and sustainability.

The role of technology in the coronavirus crisis.

With the help of technology, the world is running all its business and other services. Advanced technology is helping to get reliable information about world events. In addition, people rely on technology to connect with their family, friends and loved ones.

Currently, it has become the only source of entertainment as there is no way to go outside during the nationwide lockdown. People all over the world are learning new skills, getting updated, checking on close people, and doing all that is needed only through technology. Thus, it is seen that it is providing exceptional assistance to mitigate the negative effects of Coronavirus in today’s scenario.

Good health and wellness.

Technology is helping people with treatment at home. There are many IoT applications that are allowing healthcare companies to remotely examine people and provide them with treatment.

People can also get medicines and test kits delivered to their homes and get treatment for most things. Remote treatment facilities have been improved and this is all due to innovation and advancement in technology during the pandemic.

Scientists and developers are still working hard to offer people and healthcare companies solutions that can help keep everyone healthy during this difficult time. This would never have been possible without the support of health services and technology.

There are many such things that people have understood and many more things are yet to come to the fore. After this epidemic, most people will continue to use them and this will bring many benefits to both doctors and patients. This will solve the problem of waiting for patients and overcrowded hospitals.

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