It’s very easy to spy on someone’s text messages. One way to do this is to physically access their phone and read all of their messages. Rarely, however, is it that simple – and there is a great risk of getting caught. The best alternative to grabbing someone’s phone is to use an app that is used to spy on text messages.

These apps are designed with stealth and made for spying. All you have to do is install the app and then you can use it to read someone’s text messages without any worries.

This is the app used for monitoring the phone and also a text message reader. It has some extremely powerful features that make this app at the top of the list of text message spying apps.

It can be used easily and does not require any additional technical skills. The app is so advanced that it allows you to spy messages without jailbreaking it. This app also has a stealth mode and also ensures that your privacy is not compromised.

spike text spy
Spyk is currently the second best spying app in the market. It can be used on both iOS and Android devices. It has a well established reputation and has extremely reliable features. With the help of this app, you can access anyone’s message from both your phone and PC. It will also send you deleted messages and archived messages. It also discloses contact information, names, and any media sifted through texts.

Third on the list is an app called Cocospy. This is another famous spy app and can work on both Android and iOS. Apart from just reading text messages, this app also helps in tracking any activity on the phone. You can access it from any web browser. It is used by many people across the world and it is a genuine app. It also checks the media files and contacts in the phone and also makes sure to get access to the deleted messages.

This app is more of a parental control solution. The design of this app is such that it allows parents to access the devices that your children use remotely and in secret, thus also reading the messages they exchange Huh. The app can be sued for monitoring devices via other phones and PCs. It monitors text messages, media exchanges, social media activities, contacts, phone calls and more.

SMS Pepper
SMS Pepper is a wonderful alternative in terms of remote text message reader. It allows users to read the last hundred messages that have been sent and received by the device and it works remotely. It is not really a complete spying application and cannot monitor other activities done through the device. One drawback of the app is that it doesn’t monitor anything other than text; It does not get access to call logs and media.

Spybubble is a spy app that can work on multiple platforms. It allows the user to get access to the exchanged messages in any Android device. This app can also monitor other activities performed from this device. It can also be used to read social media messages.

It is an app used to monitor mobile devices as well as track messages in it. The app is quite popular and has over 250,000 highly active users. Appmia can also be used to keep a record of messages sent and delivered by a device and through their social media accounts.

auto forward
One of the text message spying apps in the market which can make its name in the list of top 10 text message spying apps is called Auto Forward. This app is very easy to set up and can work on both iOS and Android platforms. It provides access to both text messages and media files to be shared via text. Even though this app is highly reliable and helpful, it is extremely expensive.

IK Monitor
Ninth on this list is the IK Monitor app. This app is mostly famous because of its ability to spy on social media messages. It can work on both iOS and Android devices and also allows you to take screenshots of text.

copy 9
Copy9 marks the end of the list of top 10 text message spying apps. This is a very reliable app and has been helping users for years. This app offers a free trial and only works on the Android platform. It also has a dated interface. It is its lack of availability on iOS devices that brings it down the list.

Even though the top three are the best in the lot, all of these apps are surprisingly helpful at spying a device’s text messages.

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