Building trust is important for every business, but it’s even more essential for a startup. If no one has heard of your product yet, and no one trusts your brand, how can you expect your business to grow? Here’s how you can use video to build client and consumer trust in your startup.

The early stages of promoting your startup

If you’re in the early stages of promoting your startup, you’ve probably thought about trying out every possible marketing strategy: emails, blog posts, targeted advertising on social media—you name it.

However, some channels may combine video content as the best medium to showcase the company’s capability and expertise that will bring you to the hearts of your customers.

In this article, we’re going to look at what the best production companies in the business can teach you about using video to gain trust from your audience — as well as make your new venture stand out among the competition.

Learn how different types of video can serve different marketing goals to help you get your startup there.

First of all – why the video?

Time moves fast in the digital age, and as an entrepreneur, you must keep in mind that video is the medium that lets you explain your product or service in the shortest amount of time.

There are solid reasons to declare video as the king of content for the digital age. It has become an important part of every marketing strategy and is the most preferred way in which audiences consume content online.

Now, more than ever, viewers have the power to pick and choose what content they consume, and when and where they want to do it.

Video continues to emerge as the best performer – on top of other formats.
Outperform other means of building your company — Branded video content should be at the top of your game.

Simply promoting your product or service is no longer enough. Effective videos should be entertaining and entertaining. A vid can promote a brand, but they should also give something back to the audience.

Building a lasting and fruitful relationship with your customers is all about trust.
Videos are viral in nature, and within the right marketing strategy, they can spread through the internet like wildfire.

A quality video with a professional finish can do wonders for your brand – from growing your online presence to converting potential customers into customers.

The three most effective types of video content you can choose from to build trust in your startup are:

and customer testimonials
Putting the Spotlight on Your Offerings with Product Videos
There’s a reason product videos are so popular in eCommerce marketing: they provide a direct and simple way to communicate the features and benefits of your product or service.

Product videos are one of the most traditional types of branded content, and they can be presented similar to advertisements. But traditional boring has no equal. The best product videos are the ones that don’t feel like high-sell ads, but look like a nice and engaging display of your stuff. For example, take this piece:

Apple is very good at making amazing looking videos of their products, like the ones they made for the iPhone 8. The company is known for using a minimalist approach.

Note how there is no voice-over, no text, nothing but footage of the product on a black background, which has been edited to sync with the uplifting music.

It only takes thirty seconds to showcase the new design and some of the new features of the product, leaving the audience wanting more. It’s a great example of a little too much, and not every product video has to be “in-the-face” with its content.

Storytelling is one of the oldest art forms. There is something about stories that connects with people on a deep and emotional level. Explainer Videos use this to their advantage; No wonder they are one of the most attractive types of branded content.

Explainers tackle complex topics in a way that is easy to understand. Through animation and motion graphics, they can use a wide range of resources such as characters, infographics and metaphors to educate the audience on what your startup does and what benefits you can provide.

Unlike product videos, explainer videos don’t look like traditional ads at all.
Instead, they are a kind of combination of educational and branded content. They speak directly to your audience, explaining to them how your product or service can improve their lives.

They usually start by bringing up a problem, suggest a solution, and then show how your product works.

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