PewDiePie is coming back to YouTube. The Swedish video star, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, was once the platform’s biggest creator. He dropped his live video in 2019 to compete with DLive. That’s why PewDiePie sees new opportunities in the new features of Live Video.

PewDiePie has had a volatile relationship with Google’s video assets.
Accusations of anti-Semitism and racism in their video content caused an advertiser’s backlash, prompting YouTube to temporarily remove the ads from their channel. Blockchain-powered video site Dlive promised him a better payment system and higher rewards.

So what brought him back? Why would one of the world’s biggest influencers leave a platform that now gives him complete freedom and a full 75 percent revenue share? Why would he specifically go back to a site that shows a willingness to control and even cut into advertising revenue if he doesn’t like his jokes?

The simple answer can be that YouTube will give him more money.
On Dlive, PewDiePie garnered 822,000 followers. On YouTube, his account had over 102 million subscribers. Even with the higher revenue share, PewDiePie would have been earning on a blockchain site much less than what he could be earning on YouTube.

But money was not the reason PewDiePie cited. Instead, he argued that both he and YouTube are investing more in live streaming. “Live-streaming is something I’m very much focused on in 2020 and beyond,” he said, “so being able to partner with YouTube and be at the forefront of new product features for the future is special and exciting.” Is.”

Live streaming offers many benefits that are not available for recorded video.
Live Streaming Required – A live video only goes live once. It is interactive: viewers can ask questions and make comments that the broadcaster can answer during the stream.

And this is a format that platforms like Netflix and Hulu cannot offer. Brands, even personal brands like PewDiePie, can use live streaming to attract an engaged audience and interact with it in real time.

YouTube is now in the process of rolling out new features that will help live video streamers.

Content creators can segregate audience statistics, allowing them to see how many people watched the video live and how many people watched it after the recording was uploaded.

Smart replies, such as suggested replies in Gmail, let broadcasters retract thanks to compliments in the comment stream during broadcasts.

The Live Control Room, which officially launched late last year, makes it easy for streamers to create highlight reels and track viewer activity.

All those features are useful, but when it comes to live video, YouTube isn’t the only game in town, and even those new features won’t give it an edge.

Viewers are more accustomed to interacting with others on social media platforms than on video platforms like YouTube.

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook has seen a 50 percent increase in live video viewership as people look for real-time conversations right at home. The company will soon allow people to watch live videos without a Facebook account. Options will include automatic closed captioning and digital tipping, and provide a toll-free phone number for the charity stream.

There’s more in live video!
Other companies have gone even further – to everyone’s delight. Be.Live, a third-party provider, lets streamers brand their broadcasts on both Facebook and YouTube.

You can highlight comments and questions on the screen, and even promote specific products. Think: Complete with pictures, description and price – and you have a general idea.

Live streaming always has a price that the recorded video cannot match.
No other format allows viewers to interact with broadcasters in real time, ask questions, influence content, and engage with creators. At a time when live concerts are out of bounds, live video is the closest audience a real-time event can currently reach.

It’s no surprise that both YouTube and Facebook are investing in the format — and it’s no surprise that PewDiePie is looking for the platform that will give it the biggest live audience.

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